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>I (as it seems at this point) have been given the task of implementing
>2 semesters of elementary Greek (100 or 200 level, with the possibility
>of adding 2 more semesters later) here at SMC possibly by fall 2000.

>Question:  I would like to take a survey of the B-Greek participants as
>to the recommendation for first year Greek text...

I am pretty impressed with AKM Adam's innovative new grammar, from Abingdon.
The format and presentation are weak, quite frankly--no tables or charts,
it could be easier to use in that regard.  And Adam himself has written to
the list regarding errors, and provides errata et corrigenda on his website.
The strength of the grammar is the selection and organization of

IMHO, the hardest part of learning to really read Greek is learning the
verbs.  Adam takes this particular bull by the horns.  From the second
lesson, students learn the principle parts of all verb vocabulary words.  In
other words: at the end of the second lesson, students learn the principle
parts (including the tenses that haven't yet been described) of AGW and
eleven other verbs.

Because of this emphasis on recognizing the principle parts, and because of
a strong emphasis on learning morphology, Adam's grammar may produce very
strong Greek *readers*--as opposed to lexicon readers, or practitioners of
"preacher Greek," or whatever.

I wish I would have learned Greek from Adam's grammar.


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