1 Corinthians 13:8 - Why does Paul use different verbs?

Carlton Winbery winberyc at speedgate.net
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>On 11/23/99, ""Dwayne Riner" <rinerd at hotmail.com>" wrote:
>> I am writing an exegetical paper on 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 and I noticed
>that Paul uses KATARGHQHSONTAI for both PROFHTEIAI and GNWSIS. Yet, for
>GLWSSAI he uses the verb PAUSONTAI.  I was wondering if anyone has done
>research concerning Paul's purpose in changing verbs.
>Dwayne Riner
>I believe that the difference is concern to the future life in the kingdom.
>There we will not have necessity of  PROFHTEIAI nor GNWSIS because He, the
>lord, will be all. But, the GLWSSAI is one thing that we will have, see
>Luke 16:24. The prophecy and the knowledge will be destroyed, but our
>tongue will be preserved.
>God bless you
>Jo“o Alfredo
I have seen Charles Powell's response to this post and I agree with him and
appreciate his common sense response. I would add to it that this post is
an example of exegesis that is not wanted on b-Greek. I have referred to it
as "hop-skip-and-Jump" exegesis. I hope that others will not respond to it
in the hope that it will not be necessary to call a halt to the string
though I think we have about exhausted what we can say about the Greek
text. The positions seem clearly delineated by whether the interpreter
thinks that one or more of the gifts ceased to be or should cease to be
used in the church. We will not solve those question. So I encourage all to
ignore this post and not take the discussion in this direction. If someone
wants to respond directly to me on it, please do it off-list.


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