Etymology of AGAQOS

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Fri Nov 26 06:27:26 EST 1999

>From: "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad at>
>I think I am pretty much inclined to agree with Clay on this. I find
>etymology fascinating but I think of it more as an intellectual game
>rather than a very serious scholarly pursuit.

I find that etymology is a wonderful window to how a culture has evolved 
over the years.  As such this is not so much an aid in translation as an aid 
in seeing the experience of the culture over time in language.  In a way, 
the changing uses of words over time show how a culture connects concepts 
and thinks.

In biblical languages I find this to be most interesting when applied to 
words that were "taken over" by early christians to become theological 
terms.  But mostly, this is something I do for my native tongue as a window 
to the past.

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