Pete Phillips p.m.phillips at
Thu Nov 25 06:52:00 EST 1999

I know this may be tangential but I don't know anywhere better to ask this 
question.  Does anyone know of any discussion of any possible 
correspondence between the use of PROS and the Hebrew prepositions 
incorporating FNV - e.g. LIFNY, ALFNY...?  BAGD suggests one of the 
translations of PROS is "in the company of, towards", Louw-Nida talk of the 
use with speech verbs to denote a relationship between speaker and listener 
(90.33 and 90.25) and LSJ talks of it being used with verbs of motion and 
visuality to denote a similar relationship between subject and object.  Is 
this similar to the use of FNV prepositions in Hebrew and does it at all 
emphasise the relationship between subject and object or just the 
inclination/attitude of the subject?

Pete Phillips

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