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Dr Alex Hopkins wrote,
>G.H.R. and Lee, John A.L., A lexicon of the New Testament with documentary
>parallels: Some interim entries, 1, Filologia Neotestamentaria 10, 1997,
>On page 61 of that
>article Horsley and Lee write, "The lexicographical method we are employing
>may be briefly described.  We do not see ourselves as developing or putting
>to work any new theory.  Our method is practical in focus.

	I had the opportunity to read a small specimen sheet and I think
they (you) are doing a very good work. Does anybody knows whether the new
BAGD is using any lexicographic "new theory"?

>(I have a personal interest in the project, as one of those who 'slipped'
>for it;  i.e. made notes on slips of paper of NT words found in papyrus
>where these were likely to be of relevance to the project;  this was before
>computerised texts made 'slipping' redundant.)

	Oh no! "Slipping" is not redundant at all: If you want to provide
the redactors of a lexicon with good material to work in (instead of giving
them just thousands of references to texts), you *must* put a legion of
people to read lots of little know pieces of text and write piles of notes
(a work that must be supervised and in constant revision). I can guarantee
that this is still doing extensively in the DGE. Here I have a linguistic
question: what is the technical word for "slipping"? In Spanish we use the
word "despojar" (the same word is used in French). Once I translated it
into English as "spoil a text" but several people wrote to me that this was
not the word (and, true, it sounds as it is not the word).
	BTW, I must be thankful to Horsley not only for his lexicographical
work. Years ago, when I was looking for a copy of Moulton's NT Grammar over
the Internet, I could find a lot of very cheap copies in very good
condition to choose among. Most of them came from Australia: It seems that
Horsley has been gifted with the rare gift of being a prophet in his own
country ;-) (see Horsley, G.H.R. 1989. The Syntax Volume of Moulton's
"Grammar". New documents illustrating Early Christianity 5:50-65.)

	Daniel (Who, years ago, spent a lt of time "slipping" Philodemus)

Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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