Wed Nov 24 15:29:07 EST 1999

The thread-label is still BAGD2, so I'll note that the new official date 
for BAGD3 is April, but the Press tnhinks it might even be sooner now,
since all corrected proofs are in.

But "Peabody" is another matter!  Rod is right--the family AND town are 
called PEE-b'dee.  But did you know that "Quincy" (as in the city south of 
Boston, and as in John Quincy Adams) is pronounced QUIN-zee (not QUINT-see)
and that many of the names of places here are not pronounced as we believed 
in the rest of the US?  They say that "Woburn" is the only other word 
in English in which the "o" is pronounced as in "woman."  But natives seem 
to say it even slightly differently than that--it sounds something like
WOO-bn (though that doesn't quite represent it adequately.).

And "Massachusetts" never seems to occur as such: either it is shortened to
"Mass", as in "Massave" (for Massachusetts Avenue, a street which seems to 
be a hundred miles long) and "Masspike" (for Massachusetts Turnpike), or it
is lengthened to "the Commonwealth of Massachusetts". No Mr. Inbetween here
--nosiree Bob!

Edward Hobbs (for 19 years a local, but I'm still a stranger here myself) 


Re: Peabody, Mass.

We were all amused (and somewhat confused) when our shuttle bus driver
announced, "Next stop, puberty!"  Oh--that's Peabody!
>>From: Rodney J. Decker on Sat, Nov 20, 1999 4:06 PM
Subject: Re: BAGD2
To: Biblical Greek

>>*BTW, trivia note: I was in Boston this week and discovered that "Peabody" 
is not pronounced at all as one would think from seeing it written. The 
"locals" pronounce it "Pea'-ba-dee" (accent on the antepenault; and that's 
not just local "Bostonian" accent, but is apparently the way that the 
Peabody family pronounced it--we ran across a very large portrait in a 
local restaurant of one of the most well known of the Peabodys--a 
philanthropist of some note, I gather.)


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