PAUSONTAI in 1 Cor. 13:8, is it Future Deponent or an indirect middle

Dwayne Riner rinerd at
Wed Nov 24 10:15:17 EST 1999

While reading Daniel Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics I noticed 
that he believed that PAUSONTAI was an indirect middle instead of a 
deponent verb.  This claim was based off of both context and his study of 
other Hellenistic Greek sources.  I noticed in my study that every instance 
of PAUW in the NT (with the exception of the impv.) was in the middle or 
middle/passive form.  Also, in the LXX I noticed that PAUW occured both in 
the future active and the future middle. Do you feel that it is deponent in 
the GNT or a true middle.

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