1 Kings 1:15 (LXX)

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Tue Nov 23 08:15:59 EST 1999

At 05:44 23/11/99 -0600, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>The only LXX text I have available at home reads GUNH hHi SKLHRA hHMERA EGW
>EIMI; i.e. hHi is a relative pronoun, not an article

I have checked the apparatus in BHS, and find that the citation of the LXX 
at 1 S. 1:15 is the article and not the relative pronoun ( with some MSS 
reading EN ) and the Latin is given as "dura dies" ( variation "dierum" )

So, the question now appears to be: on what basis did Rahlfs opt for the 
relative pronoun?


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