Genger of TO PNEUMA

Blahoslav Èíèel cbmost at
Mon Nov 22 03:11:25 EST 1999

Steve, I'm sorry of your reaction to the topic. It is full of disrespect to
those, who have a different opinion than you have.

But to the topic. I think, that the "misunderstandig" raises from the different
use of gender in different languages. In slavic languages TO PNEUMA is
masculine (ten duch), similar as in german or spanish (der Geist, el espiritu).
Thus it is normal to speak about the spirit as "he" (duch - on, der Geist - er,
el espiritu - él). It is normal, because we are used to refere the dog as "he"
even if it is a female dog or the cat as "she" even if it is a male cat. If we
need to discern the sex, we use a different word. And this may be the case of
greek. Only when the author wanted to stress the very personal (in the modern
sense of the word) side of TO PNEUMA, he uses masculine pronouns, all the other
cases it has nothing to do with sex or personality, I guess.


pastor of the Church of brothers, Most, CZ

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