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Mon Nov 22 13:56:54 EST 1999

Eamonn White asked about a notice warning Gentiles on pain of death to keep
out of the Temple's inner precincts, which is cited in "Jesus: The
Evidence" by Ian Wilson P.113.

Eamonn went on, "It is written solely in Uncials with neither gaps between
words nor accents, and appears as five separate lines:


I think that C is our S."

This may have been picked up by other list members subsequently, but no
response appears in the daily digest I received today.

Yes, the C is here used to represent sigma (but note that the inscription
does not use the lunate form of sigma which looks like our C.)

In the first line, the transcription should read ALLOGENH rather than
AMOGENH. (This error is perhaps due to the visual similarity of the two
lambdas which look like upside-down capital Vs, and next to one another
could easily be misread as M.)

Perhaps more helpful to Eamonn than my offering a translation and
decipherment is to refer him to
http://www.stolaf.edu/people/kchanson/templewarning.html where these are
given, as well as further references, including Adolf Deissmann's Light
from the Ancient East, pages 79-81, where a translation and discussion can
be found in context of Deissmann's assessment of Thayer's 'Biblical' list.

The warning is instructive in relation to Acts 21:27ff and Ephesians

Dr Alexander Hopkins (Melbourne, Australia)

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