1 Peter 3:24

Barry D. Murrell bmurrell at skyinet.net
Sun Nov 21 12:27:28 EST 1999

I have been a subscriber now for about 4 months and have enjoyed following along in the discussions. I have not been able to do so as much as I would like because of 4th Semester Greek Exegesis. It is a challenge, but I am loving it!

I am working on an exegesis of 1 Peter 2:18-25 and have noticed a translation oddity which I cannot seem to find any explanation for in the books.

In verse 24 I have yet to find an English translation which translates TW MWLWPI in the singular. Even though the word only occurs here in the NT it is used a number of times in the LXX. Psalms 37:6 has it in the plural and so I don't think it this is a noun which has only one form for both singular and plural. Especially when you see a singular subject having plural wounds in the Psalms context. In fact, with the exception of Isaiah 53:5/1 Peter 2:24 translators seem to translate this noun consistently singular when it is singular and plural when it is plural.

So what gives in 1 Peter? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Barry Murrell
Missionary in Cebu City, Philippines

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