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clayton stirling bartholomew c.s.bartholomew at worldnet.att.net
Sat Nov 20 21:17:58 EST 1999

>From: John Barach <jbarach at telusplanet.net>

>> After two years of prevarication,  I decided to order it
>> from ABS so I could do some study in the LXX without
>> always having to run to the computer to
>> look up a word.
> This is very interesting.  Are we to understand that for two years you
> *lied* before finally buying the book? =)

I assume you are making reference to my misuse of prevarication. I did
stretch the semantic domain of this word a little (past the breaking
point). Not sure I have ever used the word before.

This is what happens when you pick up words by reading them and never
look them up. The only place I can remember seeing this word in print is
in Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" where it is used by Perry Smith who
was a self educated fellow  with a rather dubious background who liked
to use big words he didn't understand and also blew away 4 people in one
family with a 12 gauge in Holecome Kansas at around 1 am on 11/15/59.
Nice fellow Perry Smith. Should not pick up vocabulary from sources like
this you can never rely on it.

This is getting off topic.



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