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>         The new Moulton and Milligan will give also definitions, not
>glosses, of the entries. (BTW Does anybody knows where can one purchase a
>good 2nd hand copy of M&M?)

M&M has been reprinted by Hendrickson (Peabody,* Mass, US)--with a 
Scripture index that the original did not have. The price is very 
reasonable, so buy a new copy of this edition while you wait for the 
revised one (which, I'd guess, is a long ways off).

*BTW, trivia note: I was in Boston this week and discovered that "Peabody" 
is not pronounced at all as one would think from seeing it written. The 
"locals" pronounce it "Pea'-ba-dee" (accent on the antepenault; and that's 
not just local "Bostonian" accent, but is apparently the way that the 
Peabody family pronounced it--we ran across a very large portrait in a 
local restaurant of one of the most well known of the Peabodys--a 
philanthropist of some note, I gather.)

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