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Sat Nov 20 17:35:17 EST 1999

When the first vol (A-I) of Lust, Eynikel & Haupsie (DBS 1992, 1996 
available from American Bible Society)  appeared in the Seattle Pacific
Univ. library in 1993 I was the first to use it (possibly also the last
to use it since the LXX isn't a hot topic at SPU).

My reaction to this book was not exactly love at first sight. The first
thing I was put off by was the size. It was too small and I just assumed
that it couldn't be a serious work if it were that small.

I got the electronic version of the LEH (vols 1&2) in mid '97 while
testing version 3.0 of Accordance. Being an old moss back and somewhat
of a traditionalist I don't get real excited about hypertext lexicons so
I have made pretty light use of it in the last couple of years. After
two years of prevarication,  I decided to order it from ABS so I could
do some study in the LXX without always having to run to the computer to
look up a word.

Well I am using LEH now in my study of EX 15 and Psalm 29,74,77 and a
few other texts which show connections with Mesopotamian Combat

I have been using LEH in conjunction with E. Tov's MT/LXX database which
is just about the best thing since sliced bread for reading the MT and
LXX together since it gives you an instant visual representation of the
important data.

I have begun to revise my attitude towards LEH. I has some fairly useful
features. One feature that I am really pleased with is the data on
apparent textual corruptions that are uncorrected in Rahlf's edition.
This data is very helpful because the Hebrew word that appears to be
translated in Rahlf's is shown and compared the to the word in the MT
along with English glosses for both words. This is a very useful
feature. It isn't a replacement for the Gottingen (sp?) LXX but it is a
good shorthand means of showing you  a probable cause for a discrepancy
between Rahlf's and the MT.

Anyway, I think the LEH is worth owning for those who are going to do a
lot of work in the LXX. Since I made a few derogatory remarks about it
back in '97 I thought I would post this reassessment in public.


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