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Sat Nov 20 19:58:04 EST 1999

Daniel Rufilanchas, responding to the earlier comment (of Steven Craig
Miller's) to the effect that

> The impression given was that this (BAGD2) will revolutionize
>NT Greek lexicography.

wrote (in the digest for Sat, Nov 20),

>	The new Moulton and Milligan will give also definitions, not
>glosses, of the entries. (BTW Does anybody knows where can one 
>purchase a good 2nd hand copy of M&M?)

Some time ago Juerg Buchegger mentioned to the list that a report of the
work of the new MM  and some interim entries can be found in: Horsley,
G.H.R. and Lee, John A.L., A lexicon of the New Testament with documentary
parallels: Some interim entries, 1, Filologia Neotestamentaria 10, 1997,

This article bears testimony to Daniel's remark.  On page 61 of that
article Horsley and Lee write, "The lexicographical method we are employing
may be briefly described.  We do not see ourselves as developing or putting
to work any new theory.  Our method is practical in focus.  It is in
essence traditional lexicography, with some improvements.  ... We insist on
the importance of definitions as the primary means of indicating lexical
meanings, as opposed to glosses (=possible translations in context).  If we
sometimes use single words, they are still intended as definitions, not
glosses.   ... The piling up of definitions or glosses is not acceptable: a
single definition must be devised to cover the area of meaning exactly,
however difficult this is to achieve.  Our ordinary form of definition,
whether long or short, is a substitution equivalent and formatted in
italics.  A final point may be added:  no definition is ever perfect."  The
article includes further discussion of some of the lexicographical issues
and gives examples of some interim entries.

(I have a personal interest in the project, as one of those who 'slipped'
for it;  i.e. made notes on slips of paper of NT words found in papyrus
where these were likely to be of relevance to the project;  this was before
computerised texts made 'slipping' redundant.)

Daniel, I had a look at the Advanced Book Exchange -  - and using their search engine found five copies
of MM, the cheapest of which was $25 American.

Dr Alex Hopkins (Melbourne, Australia)

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