Double negatives

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Thu Nov 18 06:23:58 EST 1999

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, David Miller wrote:

> Thus, 10:18 (MH OUK HKOUSAN] should be read as follows:  "Did they not heae?
  1 Cor 11:22 clearly expects the answer "yes" [MH GAR
> OIKIAS OUK EXETE EIS TO ESTHIEIN].  MH does not occur in the LXX, so I could
> not check the pattern there.

On a quick check MH occurs in the LXX 3048 times! Do you mean a particular
construction does not occur. Excuse resposnding to the minor point rather
than the major question...


Jim Aitken

> So, my question is:  Is there any evidence outside of Romans 10:19 to
> confirm (or negate) Morris' suggestion?
> Thank you!
> David Miller
> Hamilton, ON
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