First Millenium Text and YHWH/IAO

Scott Sherwood scottsherwoodjobsearch at
Tue Nov 16 19:09:38 EST 1999

Is this 'iao/yhwhw' subject not valid onlist until
there is a reference to a biblical text with the "IAO"
( or some variation) in it?  

I get the impression there is no consensus among list
members that such an occurrence exists in ancient
greek biblical text.

But this is an interesting subject.  

If there is such a text ( some ancient greek biblical
text with the word "iao" or some variation ), it seems
like, cult or no cult, a scholarly, unemotional
approach to enhanced understanding of it would be a
good thing.  

What I've read so far about it is kind of interesting.
 But if it's all based on vapor-text, who cares?  

B-Greek must, to some extent, involve semitic
derivation of the biblical text.   And the unnameable
God would seem to be part of that.  The subject of the
translation of the term for the unnameable god from
semitic to greek ( if it really did happen in some
ancient context ) would seem to be a natural point of
study and curiousity for a group interested in the
study of any ancient greek texts that communicate 
about the christian god.  

If the set of ancient greek texts that communicate
something about the christian god is too broad a group
of texts for the list, I can live with that, but I get
the impression that a number of texts that aren't
standard 'Majority' texts or 'Textus Receptus' texts
have been acceptable material to discuss, so long as
they were greek and ancient and dealt with biblical
subjects. Maybe they were illegitimate, but
interesting and innocuous, and therefore tenuously

If there is no such thing as an ancient reference to
"iao" and this is a modern creation ( no matter who
created it or why ), apologies for reraising it.   If
it really exists, I think it's interesting, and I
would like to hear more about it from bigger greeks
than myself.  Again, my apologies if this was invented
recently (second millenium C.E.).


Scott Sherwood


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