IAO--How's it said?

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Sun Nov 14 08:54:13 EST 1999

>From: "Mitchell Gray" <cowmonky at granbury.com>
>In one part it says that there are some Greek MS that use
>IAO as the Greek equivalent to the Hebrew YHWH.  My question is, How would 
>you translated IAO?  Is that possible?  If so, how would
>it be said in English?

The point of the designation YHWH is not to write or say the name of God.  
The word Lord is substituted instead.  I would translate Lord if you want an 
English word or preserve the non-word in all CAPS and footnote the reason 
there is no word.  Most English translations of scripture choose the former 

Just for curiosity's sake, what are the Greek sources that do this?  Or what 
is book you are reading?

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