off topic: some questions on the Jewish morning and evening prayer

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I'd be grateful for your indulgence of several off topic questions I
regarding the Morning and Evening Evening Prayer as these are set out
in m. Ber 9.1 and b. Ber. 60b respectively. I'm turning to B-Greeks
I've not had success in gaining the information I require from other

First question:

Does anyone have the English texts of m. Ber. 9:1 and b. Ber. 60b? If so
I'd be grateful if you'd send me to then off list.

Second question:

Is there any evidence indicating, or any reason to believe, that the
particular portion of  the (presumably first century) mandatory Morning
and Evening Prayer that reads

 and lead me not into (Lo l'yidei) sin (xet),
 or into iniquity ('avon)
 or into testing (ni'sa'yon),
 or into contempt (biza'yon).

carries with it a reference to and/or is meant to call to mind in an
anti-typological fashion in a manner similar to what Paul does in 1 Cor
10:1-12,  the activities of the Wilderness generation at Merribah and

To put this more bluntly, is there any reason to believe that when the
prayer was said, the prayer is asking for divine protection from ever
becoming like the Israelites who put God to the test at Merribah and

Third question:

What context, if any, was the Morning and the Evening Prayer said in in
1CE (presuming the text set out in m Ber and b Ber can be dated to that
time) -- that is to say, was it said in conjunction with a recitation of
other prayers, especially the Shema?

Once more, thanks in advance for any responses, and apologies for
something so off topic.



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