LOGOS or REMA (was new BAGD, etc.)

Steve Long steve at allegrographics.com
Tue Nov 9 10:14:39 EST 1999

>  Also...I have been given the task of finding the difference between REMA
>and LOGOS.  With my finite mind and resources, the nearest I can figure is
>LOGOS has more to do with HOW it is stated, and REMA with WHAT is stated.
>Am I completely off here?
>    Thank you, and God bless;
>                           Jay

I have thought of the difference like this, LOGOS is the idea behind the
word including the spoken word and REMA is the word alone. For instance if
I say 'maroon' it brings up a color to the mind, the LOGOS is the color in
the mind as well as the word which brings it to mind. But I could also say
burgandy, mauve, dark red, carmine, etc. Each of those are REMA which bring
to mind the same LOGOS. That's my own observation, I don't have any lexical
backup for it.


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