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Tue Nov 9 01:30:47 EST 1999

Fellow b-Greeks;
           I have been wondering about the "new" BAGD that is scheduled
to be released around May of 2000. After searching the archives, (which
gave me many belly-laughs as I noticed the expected due date repeatedly
slip into the future) the best advice I have found is :
  1)   A lexicon in the hand is worth 2 at the publisher's   (Jim West)
  2)  It is SUPPOSED to be a vast improvement on an already excellent
work (Jonathan Robie)

  Could you please elucidate on HOW much of an improvement this new
edition will be?

  Also...I have been given the task of finding the difference between
REMA and LOGOS.  With my finite mind and resources, the nearest I can
figure is LOGOS has more to do with HOW it is stated, and REMA with WHAT
is stated. Am I completely off here?
    Thank you, and God bless;


"That which does not kill a man makes him stronger"-Nietzsche
"That which does not kill a man must have missed him"-Miowara Tomokato
"That which does not kill me had best leave me incapable of returning
fire"-Phil Haley

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