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At 5:43 PM +1100 11/7/99, David McKay wrote:
>I hope this subject is acceptable for b-greek.
>I have often pondered the difference between ELPIS and PISTIS. They would
>seem to be close in meaning. Is it legitimate to see the former as having a
>more future point of view, and the latter as being related to God's past

Having seen the replies to the question thus far, I have the distinct
impression that the little thread thus far is not getting very far because
it is altogether abstract. It would be far more useful, I think, either to
(1) list and carefully study in context those NT passages wherein ELPIZW
and PISTEUW or the nouns ELPIS and PISTIS are used, or (2) do a search for
passages in which the verbs or the nouns are used in contexts where they
are being compared and/or contrasted. I'm thinking especially of such
passages as Hebrews 11:1. I don't think that an awful lot is to be gained
by discussing this verbs or nouns abstractly.

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