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At 2:59 PM -0500 11/7/99, Rodney J. Decker wrote:
>Evangelical schools and even academically-oriented "fundamentalist" ones
>(no, not all fundamentalists are anti-intellectual--that's merely a media
>stereotype in place of a theological definition) understand the history of
>the text and of the printed editions of the text as well as their liberal
>counterparts. (I'd also guess that there are no fewer "liberals" who
>misunderstand these things as conservatives--so long as we're lumping in
>all of them, not just members of b-greek or those who teach NT!)
>(Note that I've deliberately said "TR," not "Maj. Text"--which is a
>somewhat different issue--one which the TR-only advocates seldom understand.)
>But I've no desire to start a flame war over such matters--which is
>probably at the borders of b-greek parameters anyway.

Thanks for giving a somewhat different perspective on who stands where on
this issue, Rod. And yes, could we please move away completely from this
discussion? It was perfectly appropriate to state factually the manuscript
basis of the major recensions of the Greek New Testament in use; it is NOT
appropriate to this list to talk about which groups find which recension
preferable on theological grounds and why. Let's get back to the Greek text
of the Bible itself, please.

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