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>>Does the above seem accurate?  Also, can anyone help me distinguish between
>>groups (denominations, seminaries, scholars ... ?) who favor the MT vs the
>>TR and vice versa?  
>Conservative schools (like most Baptist colleges and seminaries these days)
>will prefer the TR whilst other schools which are not so conservative will
>That is a gross overgeneralization, but thats what you wanted, right?

I must take exception to that "gross overgeneralization"! I do not think
there is a correlation here between one's theology (i.e., conservative vs.
liberal--rather broad categorizations, BTW!) and the text he or she uses.
Nor do Baptists have any corner on ignorance so far as the TR is concerned.
Theodore Letis (one of the main protagonists in the notorious Pensacola
"KJV-Only" video series of the past few years), e.g., is a Lutheran.

In none of the half dozen schools of my own (Baptist) 'denominational'
circles does the TR exist as the "sanctioned" text. All use the critical
text. And mine is one of the more conservative groups on the Baptist
landscape. Of another dozen similar schools of similar theological position
of which I am well acquainted, the same is true.

I cannot speak for the multitude of schools and churches in the southland,
nor for the many "Bible institutes" (many of which seem to be called
"colleges") in the country. 

My impression is that the correlation between texts used and positions held
is more likely to associate anti-intellectualism (in its many different
forms) with the TR than any particular form of theology.

Evangelical schools and even academically-oriented "fundamentalist" ones
(no, not all fundamentalists are anti-intellectual--that's merely a media
stereotype in place of a theological definition) understand the history of
the text and of the printed editions of the text as well as their liberal
counterparts. (I'd also guess that there are no fewer "liberals" who
misunderstand these things as conservatives--so long as we're lumping in
all of them, not just members of b-greek or those who teach NT!)

(Note that I've deliberately said "TR," not "Maj. Text"--which is a
somewhat different issue--one which the TR-only advocates seldom understand.)

But I've no desire to start a flame war over such matters--which is
probably at the borders of b-greek parameters anyway.


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