A verse by verse parsing of the NT

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Fri Nov 5 14:05:40 EST 1999

Bret wrote

>I was wondering if there is any book which is a good guide to parsing in
>the NT that goes verse by verse.  What I am thinking of is something
>that has the greek text and contains parsing and a brief meaning on the
>same page in footnotes, or on the opposing page, or in an index at the
>back, but that is done in regular NT order.  I am reading through the NT
>during breakfast, but having to use an analytical lexicon to check my
>parsing makes the going very sloooow, so something that had the parsing
>listed verse by verse would be wonderful.

Both Zerwick and Rienecker/Rogers give some parsing details on less usual
words.  They are very handy to use, though I have always used, and prefer,

Another way to go is to use Baker Pub's Analytical Greek NT (if it is still
in print) by Barbara and Timothy Friberg.  It has the greek text with the
gramatical analysis underneath (in a code for the parts of speech)  This
does not give a meaning, though.

ummm but none of this makes for good breakfast conversation, and you don't
want to get too many crumbs in your books.     :-)

There was a thread earlier on this list, on reading greek text (with or
without such help) which might be useful for you to read.  I haven't got the
time to look for it now, but it was around June/July (if my memory serves me

Happy huntin'

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