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At 2:38 PM +0100 11/4/99, zdenek.sykora at atlas.cz wrote:
>Dear brother in the Lord of Jesus,
>I would like to ask you if you know some web page where can I find the all
>verses in the NT - the differencies between the Nestle 26 ed. and Textus
>receptus main text? I need this informations for the revision of the NT in
>Czech language and I would like to print the all differences to New
>Edition of the Czech translation. Could you help me?
>Thank you very much
>Let God bless you
>Zdenek Sykora

I do not personally know of a reference work which will list all the
differences in a simple verse-by-verse catalog, although I think such a
listing must exist and for that reason I am referring your question to the
B-Greek discussion list and asking that anyone who knows of such a simple
comparative list respond directly to Zdenek Sykora's request. One internet
resource that you might find worth exploring is Mark Goodacre's recently
established "all-in-one" search page:


 from which you can compile your own catalog of these differences from the
editions that can be searched there. The texts of the Nestle-Aland ed,
26-27 as well as of the Textus Receptus can be accessed there for any
particular Biblical verse or all of them. I know that will be tedious,
however, and I suspect that there is available somewhere a compendium of
all the differences; I'm hoping one of the list-members may be able to
steer you toward a resource suitable for your purposes. I wish you all

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