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Wed Nov 3 13:57:52 EST 1999


Paul's use of ALLHGOROUMENA (allegory) is the only occurrence of it in the 
NT. It is not found in LXX. Hanson argues for understanding this word as 
"typology" like what was practiced among the rabbis of Palestine, (Allegory 
and Event, 13-14). (I have already looked at BAGD, TDNT, LN, DNTT)

What is the correct understanding of this word? Most sources I check are 
rather vague concerning ALLHGOROUMENA.

What is the function of ALLHGOROUMENA in Paul's argument? I am concerned 
with its role in properly translating the word.

However, if one has some thoughts concerning how Paul gets theology from 
Old Testament narrative. I would be happy to hear them, *offline* of 
course, lest this thread stray from the focus of the list.


Brian Tucker
Riverview, MI

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