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> U. Cassuto ignores the LXX but you know he has seen it because he makes
> the comment that "majestic in holiness"corresponds to "majestic in
> power" in Ex 15:6. This comment would be unnecessary if he were not
> finding an excuse to overlook the reading in the LXX. U. Cassuto's
> motive appears to be that he wants to find nothing in Torah which could
> be even remotely understood as polytheistic. This is my speculation and
> nothing more. However reading his commentary on Genesis 1-2 has led me
> to wonder about his treatment of Ex 15:11b.

To be fair to the memory of U. Cassuto (d. 1949?) I think his reasoning
here does not have much to do with the LXX reading. On page 173 of his
commentary on Exodus he describes what he sees as the markers that set
off the three strophes in the this song (Ex 15:1-6, 7-11, 12-18). It is
his analysis of the poetic structure that leads him to connect elements
in 15:11 with 15:6. He points out several similarities between the
endings of each strophe.

Having qualified my previous comments I still think U. Cassuto may be
wrong about the issue in question. I don't find his argument about the
correspondence between Ex 15:6a and 15:11b very compelling.

However, Ex 15:11 is a troublesome verse. If you find parallelism
between 11a and 11b as I have suggested and as E. Fox translates, then
you are left with what to do with 11c which looks like it may correspond
to 11b. In short 11b cannot be paired with both 11a and 11c. One must
choose between these options. I am still going with E. Fox on this one
but I will retain a somewhat undogmatic attitude about it.


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