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I think you are looking for this:

	Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum 
	by K. Aland (Editor)  $43.99
	Hardcover 13th edition (December 1985) 
	United Bible Societies; ISBN: 3438051303 

That one is all in Greek and has nice apparatus. There's also an English

	Synopsis of the Four Gospels : Greek-English Edition  
	by Kurt Aland $74.99
	Hardcover 3rd edition (June 1979) 
	United Bible Societies; ISBN: 3438054051

I don't recommend the combined edition. It's cheaper to get the Greek *and*
a separate English edition, and you get much better apparatus that way.
Here's the English:
	Synopsis of the Four Gospels : Completely Revised on 
	the Basis of the Greek Text of the Nestle Aland  
	by K. Aland   $11.95
	United Bible Societies; ISBN: 0826705006  

Hope this helps!


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