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>> Ray Clendenen at BSSBNOTES
>> 07/30/99 01:57 PM
>> Does anyone know why some translations have 18 verses in Rev. 12 and some
>> have only 17 verses and the contents of v. 18 ("and I/he stood upon the
>> sand/shore of the sea") at the beginning of 13:1? Other than the I/he text
>> problem I NA doesn't indicate a text problem.
>> Ray Clendenen
>> Broadman & Holman
> Ray,
> It is precisely the ESTAQH/ESTAQHN question which is the issue. If the
> first person is read then it becomes a comment about the narrator which
> falls into the next scene (13:1). If it is the third person it becomes a
> comment about hO DRAKWN which belongs to 12:18.  (vid. H.B. Swete,
> Revelation p160)
> Clay

I should have looked at the English versions before posting this. Since
your question isn't really answered by my comment. All the English
versions I have at hand put 12:18 into 13:1 without it being dependent
on the textual issue.  So the editors of the english versions do not
follow the thinking of H.B.Swete on this issue.


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