Kalos Computer Programme

Scott Sherwood scottsherwoodjobsearch at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 30 08:25:11 EDT 1999

I downloaded at work.  It came in really fast with no problems. 

I'm worried about screwing up my PC, though.

Are there no problems with it?

I don't want to install freeware from the other side of the globe sight
unseen unless there's some reassurance.

Scott Sherwood

Working for Motorola in Masachusetts

> > It takes a bit to download (5 zip files) and
> install but it is well worth
> it --  here is their blurb:
> Seems like a good program, Mark. Thanks for telling
> us about it.
> I had a lot of trouble downloading it? Did any one
> else experience this? I
> had to try about 6 times to successfully download
> some of the files. It kept
> stopping before the file was completely downloaded.
> David McKay
> music at fl.net.au

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