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>Liddel Scott and Jones lists the word like this.
>sku^ba^l-on, to, dung, excrement, manure, refuse, offal,
>Since Perseus only lists it once, it is difficult to tell it's 'normal'
>usage, but it is highly unlikely that it would be a term of endearment, much
>less a good referrent for one's ancestry and breeding.  However as a
>comparison, it is pretty powerful and would be a good indication of the
>strength of Paul's conviction.  But that starts to border on theology, so
>before I get my hand slapped....

I checked all SKUB- words in LSJ and got this:

sku^ba^l-ikos, ê, on, dirty, mean, argurioisi skubalikoisi, of bribes,
Timocr.1.6 vulg., contra metrum; kubalikoisi Bgk.

sku^ba^l-ismos, ho, contemptuous rejection, Plb.30.19.12, Hsch.

sku^ba^l-izô, look on as dung, reject contemptuously, D.H.Orat.Vett. 1, cf.
skublizô :--
*	Pass., opp. lamprizomai, Pempel.ap.Stob.4.25.52, cf. LXX Si.26.26:--
*	later -euô, Sch.Luc.Nec.17 (Pass.).

sku^ba^l-on, to, dung, excrement, Plu.2.352d, Alex.Aphr.Pr.1.18: pl., s.
leuka kai argilôdea Aret.SD1.15, cf. Strab. 14.1.37, J.BJ5.13.7, etc.;
manure, PFay.119.7 (i/ii A.D.).
2. refuse, offal, Ep.Phil.3.8, Jul.Or.5.179c; apodeipnidion s. AP6.302
(Leon.); andra, poluklauton nautiliês s. IBID=au=Leon. 7.276 (Hegesipp.);
tephrês loipon eti s. IBID=au=Hegesipp. 7.382=lr (Phil.); opp. to
chrêsimon, Ath.Med.ap.Orib.1.2.8; s. tou sêsamou PCair.Zen. 494.16 (iii
B.C.); s. chortou PSI3.184.7 (pl., iii A.D.): pl., deipnon apo skubalôn
AP6.303 (Aristo); s. anthrôpou LXX Si.27.4.

sku^ba^l-ôdês, es, refuse-like, Anon.Lond.29.39, Suid. s.v. eraia.

skublizô,= skubalizô , defile, desecrate, to ptôma mou Sardis 7(1) No.165
(iii/iv A.D.).

I think the last sentence cited for SKUBLIZW (TO PTWMA MOU SKUBLIZEI
SARDIS) must yield a pretty concrete sense for the verb as "shit on." The
other entries are sufficient, I think, to make the vulgarity level pretty

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