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Liddel Scott and Jones lists the word like this.

sku^ba^l-on, to, dung, excrement, manure, refuse, offal,
Since Perseus only lists it once, it is difficult to tell it's 'normal'
usage, but it is highly unlikely that it would be a term of endearment, much
less a good referrent for one's ancestry and breeding.  However as a
comparison, it is pretty powerful and would be a good indication of the
strength of Paul's conviction.  But that starts to border on theology, so
before I get my hand slapped....

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>Does anyone know the vulgarity level of SKUBALON as used by Paul in
>Philippians 3:8? I have heard various things, anything from rubbish, as
>the NASB and NIV translate or that is was somewhat equivalent to our s*
>word. Was this a swear word or was it something that could be said in
>polite conversation?

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