Kalos Computer Programme

Mark Goodacre M.S.GOODACRE at bham.ac.uk
Fri Jul 30 07:08:23 EDT 1999

On 30 Jul 99, at 18:48, David McKay wrote:

> Seems like a good program, Mark. Thanks for telling us about it.
> I had a lot of trouble downloading it? Did any one else experience this? I
> had to try about 6 times to successfully download some of the files. It
> kept stopping before the file was completely downloaded.

I had trouble with the last of the five files but then succeeded.  
Considering the sophistication of the programme, the downloading 
proceedure is somewhat clunky.  But it is certainly worth persevering.  
I think I will make it a "featured link" for August.  The URL again is:


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