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At 12:03 PM +1000 7/30/99, Rick Strelan wrote:
>I'm working through Basil On Greek Lit and in  I.5 the phrase EP' AMFW
>METABOLHS occurs. Any suggestion as to meaning of AMFW and what part of
>speech it is? Looks adverbial.

AMFW is the dual nom./acc. of a numeral adjective, "both," which you may
more readily recognize in the form with the comparative suffix -TER- as
AMFOTEROI/AI/A. My quick guess is that EP' AMFW METABOLHS means something
like "affecting both (sides) of alteration"--but without more of a context
(and I don't happen to have a copy of Basil on Greek Lit very handy) that
is nothing more than a very quick guess.

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