Jesus' Word's in Mk. 8:23,26

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Joseph Brian Tucker wrote:

> Greetings
> I am working through the Greek of the Gospels and I came across Mark
> 8:23,EI TI BLEPEIS and 8:26, MHDE EIS THN KWMHN EISELQHS. John J. Rousseau
> said, "It is useless to argue about the exact wording of the Greet text and
> how the original language could have been translated." In light of the fact
> that the Jesus Seminar gave these verses a unanimous "black rating."
> Do you have any thoughts concerning these two sayings. What grammatical
> criteria should be used to determine the Greek in Jesus sayings, seperate
> from the issues of embarrassment, coherence, and subversive character.
> I am interested in the grammatical guidelines, not the theological
> guidelines.
> Thanks

If I understand you correctly, you seem to be confusing two things here: (1) what the
Greek of Mk. 8:23, 26 says and (2) whether these sayings are authentic sayings of
Jesus. To speak to the second of these items goes beyond the mandate of B-Greek. And
if the second is what you're really after, you'd be better of joining and then
posting your question to the XTalk: The Historical Jesus and Christian Origins List


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