could someone translate this please?

Happydan ( ^ _ ^ ) snooker1 at
Thu Jul 29 02:56:52 EDT 1999

I was wondering if anyone can help me with the following two things:

(1)I am interested in having translated the following (in TLG Beta Code) by
someone who actually knows Greek...

le/gw de\ to\ para\ Saddoukai/oij kai\ Samareu=sin, <toi=j> a)qetou=si th\n
th=j yuxh=j meta\ tau=ta zwh/n

I do not know Greek, yet with the use of Grammers and Dictionaries, I have
come up with this...

Now I am speaking to [one] with the Sadducees and Samaritans, <to those>
rejecting the soul after this life.

(2) This passage is from Origen's "Commentary on Matthew" Book 17. There is
a translation of this work in the Ante-Nicean Fathers collection. However,
they do not cover book 17. Does anyone know of a translation of this work
with book 17 in it that is available?

Daniel Barnes
Sacramento, CA

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