Light summer reading....

QashishaD at QashishaD at
Wed Jul 28 21:24:46 EDT 1999

>>I am looking for some reasonably easy Hellenistic Greek that is
>>interesting but not too difficult. Right now, I'm slogging my way through
>>Hebrews, and finding it not particularly easy. Much of the relatively
>>easy stuff in the New Testament I have already read, and though I enjoy
>>rereading it quite a bit, I think it might be helpful to read some new
>>stuff that isn't as much effort as Hebrews.
>LXX, definitely -- rewards your NT reading. Read some of the LXX stuff
>that was probably composed in Greek. FWIW,

I didn't get in on the discussion about beginner's Greek texts; I do like 
Wenham and have used it several times. But a great text for review and 
"beyond" is Paine's "Beginning Greek" from Oxford. After 38 short lessons 
reading from John, the student is routed into Xenophon's Anabasis and Greek 
is never the same again. My recommendation - Dimitri

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