EIMI -- copulative or stative

shawn dahunter at ns1.inland.net
Wed Jul 28 17:43:05 EDT 1999


I'm new to all this so bear with me if this question is too easy.
However, this is my first posting to b-greek so I'm fairly excited!
First of all it isn't hindering my translation skills but I'm curious
because I was reading in some sources about the verb EIMI (D.A. Black's, 
Learn to read New Testament Greek pp.20, and Parsons Greek Tutor).

First Parsons' referred to it as a stative verb, which www.m-w.com defines
as "expressing a state, condition, or relation".

Black's text referred to it as a copulative verb, which he further defines
as "...(from Lat. copulo, `I link together') because it links subject and

So which is more accurate?  Are they basically saying the same thing or is
there a slight difference between how they look at the verb?

	-Shawn O'Connor

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