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I'll look forward to reviewing the results of your inquiry.  The subject
interests me.

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Mann
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On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:42:14 -0400 "Carl W. Conrad"
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>At 7:25 PM -0400 7/27/99, Theodore H Mann wrote:
>>Hi Mitch:
>>Yes, my wife and I say the same thing, as well as "we're meeting with 
>>saints," or some such.  However, if "church" is not the best 
>>of EKKLESIA, as a couple of people have recently suggested, then 
>>other term needs to be used which captures both the local and global
>>aspects of the body of Christ.  Am I mistaken in my understanding 
>>the NT speaks of the EKKLESIA on both levels?  Perhaps "assembly" or
>>"congregation" are fine, in spite of my feeling that they seem to 
>have a
>>decidedly local flavor to them.
>I'll take a closer look at the 114 instances of EKKLHSIA in the GNT, 
>but I
>really expect to find the great majority of them in reference to 
>congregations rather than the universal body of believers. That is 
>chief reason why one might prefer to use "gathering," "meeting," or
>"congregation" than "church"--because it is less likely to be 
>misleading to
>an English reader who tends to think of "church" in all its 
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