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Tue Jul 27 20:53:36 EDT 1999

> I am looking for some reasonably easy Hellenistic Greek that is interesting
> but not too difficult. Right now, I'm slogging my way through Hebrews, and
> finding it not particularly easy. Much of the relatively easy stuff in the
> New Testament I have already read, and though I enjoy rereading it quite a
> bit, I think it might be helpful to read some new stuff that isn't as much
> effort as Hebrews.
> Did Tony Hillerman write anything in Koine? If not, what would you all
> recommend?
> Jonathan
What? You don't think Hebrews is light? If you could just get Cindy
Westfall to give you her dissertation in draft form then perhaps you
could make easy going of it. Perhaps you already have this?

Perhaps the Hymn to ISIS is too light and too short but it is
helenistic. I found it amusing for the first several lines and then it
became rather dull. Will not take up much time anyway. It is in a book
called Helenistic Greek Texts, Allen Wikgren, U of Chicago 1947.

A lot of this book is NT and LXX so don't buy it. Get it through ILL or
steal it. I got my used for 1.95 which was a fair price.


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