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On Mon 26 Jul 99 (12:15:31), jgibson000 at mailhost.chi.ameritech.net wrote:
> Is it at all a possibility that within this expression AKOH PISTEWS we
> have the changes being rung on the opening of the call to faithfulness
> that is embodied in the Shema, which begins, notably, with   "Hear, O
> Israel ..."?

 That occurred to me, Geoffrey; but then I thought, Hebrew SheMa` means
 *both* Hear, *and* Obey. Whereas in Greek, Hear is AKOUW and Obey is
 hUPAKOUW. This is more than hearing; Obeying too.

 So AKOH PISTEWS is the Hearing of faith; not the Obedience of Faith.

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