Theodore H Mann thmann at juno.com
Mon Jul 26 16:38:34 EDT 1999


It seems to me that a problem with terms such as "assembly" or
"congregation," as translations of EKKLESIA, is that it is difficult to
use them effectively in reference to the global body of Christ, unless
one wishes to apply hyphenations (e.g., "universal-congregation").  Such
(un-hyphenated) terms somehow seem more applicable to local or regional
gatherings.  Although "church" may not be a great translation of
EKKLESIA, it does at least seem to be equally functional in reference to
the body of Christ in its totality, as well as at the local or regional
levels.  While it is true that "church" is often applied to the building
in which Christians meet, or even to the meeting itself ("I'm going to
church"), my experience is that most Christians (evangelicals, anyway)
understand the difference.  I'm all for finding a better translation of
EKKLESIA than "church," if one is available, but I doubt that "assembly"
or "congregation" will suffice.

Dr. Theodore "Ted" Mann
thmann at juno.com

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