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>From: Mike Sangrey

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> > What can AKOH PISTEWS mean: hearing with faith, or preaching about
> > faith, or anything else?

>Did the Galatians receive the Spirit by performance on their part?
>That is the question.

>Paul is speaking
>of a particular kind of hearing: a hearing characterized by and
>limited to faith--'a faith kind of hearing.'  It is not an EX
>AKOHS ERGWN.  There is no 'do' here.  Faith, by its very nature, is
>an empty container.  The 'do' is done by someone else.  The Spirit
>is received by a whole-being trust in the performance by another
>and that performance we have heard in the message of the Gospel.
>It is a faith kind of hearing, nothing more and nothing less.  That
>is the truth taught in Galatians.

>Galatian 3:2 is beautifully worded.  The genitive, ironically!, in
>its breadth of semantic potential, suits Biblical theology precisely.
>If we try to force more keen semantics, then the nature of faith is
>clouded and the Gospel is robbed of its grace.  This Little Greek
>thinks this is a case (no pun intended) where the genitive needs to
>be understood simplistically--it simply indicates 'kind'.

Nice work, Mike, and I hope no one roasts you for theological excursionism 
on b-greek!  There is much to be said for a simplistic understanding of 
Greek NT wording, and I have great reservations about our high powered 
computer assisted and intellectually focused approaches to it.  The 
elegantly simple and even child-like is so easily lost in it, chewed up and 
rent into unrecognizably dead pieces.

I had wanted to offer to this thread the simple understanding of   PISTEWS 
as a normal genitive, 'belonging to', where faith has its own hearing, that 
is not regular auditory hearing  ~ "He who 'has' ears, let him hear..." ~ 
Where the ears are the ears of faith, and what is heard is the Spirit of 
Truth ~ But I shyed away...

Thanks for stepping up to the plate ~


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