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>I agree with Carl that the LXX usage is probably most influencial on Paul
>and that we have to be careful of making too much of etymology. Another
>source of definition would be other terms and metaphors used to depict the
>church in the NT. Paul Minear's old book (88 diff. words and metaphors I
>think) is most helpful. One reference to the church that ought to help us
>emphasize that the church is people is in Galatians hOI TOU CRISTOU - the
>of Christ ones, probably possessive - Christ's own.
I too agree with Carl about the LXX, but there is something to consider.
Paul could have used SUNAGOGE to designate a local meeting, the use of
EKKLHSIA is intended to point to the assembly of the entire nation of
Israel and so to the entire body of Christ. Paul also probably wanted to
distinguish the EKKLHSIA XRISTOU from the SUNAGOGE IOUDAIOU, so he used a
different word with a similar meaning but different history and


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