ekklesia (in LXX)

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How about a very general question, why do etymology at all.

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> .........For a translation how about "mob" (Acts19:32,41)  :-)
> My personal opinion is that the etymology of EKKLHSIA is about as relevant
> as the connection between AGORAIOI and the assembly from which they took
> their name (sic). If EKKLHSIA means "called out ones" then by the same
> logic
> those "lewd fellows of the baser sort" in Acts17:5 were philosophers.
> If there was any "live" connection between EKKLHSIA and KALEW in the mind
> of
> the NT writers one would expect to find evidence in the LXX Pentateuch,
> yet
> the first use of EKKLHSIA De4:10 where we have the first use of EKKLHSIA
> is
> connected not with EKKALEW or KALEW but with EKKLHSIAZW.  Can anyone cite
> any LXX verses where EKKLHSIA and KALEW might be linked as evidence? If
> not
> then the meaning was dead.
> (One for the classical Greeks)
> Was the verb EKKALEW actually used in AGORA days?  .......I mean were
> messengers were sent to EKKALEW members TWN DOMWN AUTWN?  The reason I ask
> is because from LSJ it doesn't appear to have the use of convening a
> meeting. Uses in LSJ appear very literal, similar to the two uses of
> in LXX :
> Gen19:5 (the men of Sodom calling out Lot's guests)
> De20:10 (calling out an enemy from his fortified town).
> Regards
> Steven
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