ekklesia (in LXX)

Steven Cox scox at Mail.Sparkice.COM.CN
Mon Jul 26 06:32:12 EDT 1999

.........For a translation how about "mob" (Acts19:32,41)  :-)

My personal opinion is that the etymology of EKKLHSIA is about as relevant
as the connection between AGORAIOI and the assembly from which they took
their name (sic). If EKKLHSIA means "called out ones" then by the same logic
those "lewd fellows of the baser sort" in Acts17:5 were philosophers.

If there was any "live" connection between EKKLHSIA and KALEW in the mind of
the NT writers one would expect to find evidence in the LXX Pentateuch, yet
the first use of EKKLHSIA De4:10 where we have the first use of EKKLHSIA is
connected not with EKKALEW or KALEW but with EKKLHSIAZW.  Can anyone cite
any LXX verses where EKKLHSIA and KALEW might be linked as evidence? If not
then the meaning was dead.

(One for the classical Greeks)
Was the verb EKKALEW actually used in AGORA days?  .......I mean were
messengers were sent to EKKALEW members TWN DOMWN AUTWN?  The reason I ask
is because from LSJ it doesn't appear to have the use of convening a
meeting. Uses in LSJ appear very literal, similar to the two uses of EKKALEW
in LXX :
Gen19:5 (the men of Sodom calling out Lot's guests)
De20:10 (calling out an enemy from his fortified town).


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