Hendiadys revisited

Jay Adkins JAdkins264 at aol.com
Sat Jul 24 07:29:04 EDT 1999

Dear Joe A. Friberg:

Thank you for your most interesting comments, which I have copied so as to 
look through in more detail latter.  I did want to respond to one comment 
you made;

"the Law of Moses and the prophets and Psalms TWi NOMWi MWUSEWS KAI TOIS 
PROFHTAIS KAI YALMOIS Lk 24.44 ?does this become a simple list by extending 
it this far and including so many particulars?"

While I am not qualified to answer the specific question, I can quote from 
Bullinger, page 673;


Three words used, but one thing meant.

Though the Greeks did not name such a figure, it is clear that it is 
employed in Scripture.  For we sometimes find three nouns instead of two, 
and in these cases there are two nouns exalted to the place of emphatic 
adjectives, which are thus raised to equal importance with the subject 

He then discusses 4 examples: Jer 4:2; Dan 3:7; Matt 6:13; John 14:6

Sola Gratia 
         Jay Adkins

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