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Cameron Beahan cameron at
Fri Jul 23 23:45:54 EDT 1999

I recommend using Mounce Basics of Biblical Greek, it also has a whole lot
of other works that go with it, Workbook, Lexicaon, etc.  If you go into
his website you can down load a programme for memorisation.

It great we use it at QBCM.
It is based on a linguistic based method of teaching.

On Mon, 19 Jul 1999, Pete Phillips wrote:

> I have been using McNair to teach a basic NT Greek course here at Cliff but I am getting a little fed up with it.  It just doesn't seem to work - perhaps because I don't teach it right.  But I am looking out for any advice on Greek courses I could get hold for September and the new academic year.  Do people still use Dobson or what?  The local University use Athenaze a Classical course apparently.  Any advocates for this?
> I look forward to your pearls of wisdom.
> Pete Phillips
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