Sorting alphabetically?

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I did something a bit different than what has been mentioned. I currently
have the NT is Access broken down by book, chapter, and verse, but you could
do it in Excel or Word. (I am planing on putting the LXX in the same Dbase.)

My steps:
1. Make a column for the Greek with accents
2. Add a column for the Greek without accents
3. Highlight the column without accents
4. Replace each transliterated letter with a corresponding number....i.e.
a=01, b=02, g=03
5. I then do all of my sorting, queries, and what not on the numerical

If you use Word, you can create a macro to do all this in one click.
Use what you can...

Good Luck and Blessings,


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Does anyone know how to sort greek words alphabetically? I've tried this in
MS Excel, but without success. I have the words without accents, but I
cannot change the ordering from a,b,c,d...   to   a,b,g,d...
There is an option in Excel for user-defined sorting, but it is not working
the way I want it.

Best wishes
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